Our Vision

Cambodian people living free from extreme poverty – It is a basic human right and need to live a safe, happy and prosperous life.

Cambodian people having equal opportunities – A person should be able to live equitably, regardless of location and circumstance, creating the identify and future they desire.

Cambodian people being independent and self-sufficient– A community that sustains itself through trained leaders, children are all educated, employment rates are high and the economy improves.

A world where young people are connected and invested in global change – Young people in Australia and Cambodia understand the value of helping each other and their own communities. Their experiences in education and in volunteering for Shine will inspire them to be change makers in our world.

Our Values


We believe education should be available to everyone so we remove the barriers to learning. It’s unparalleled in its roles in breaking the poverty cycle. Shine complements the system by providing what is currently missing in Cambodia and Australia.

We aim for students to understand the world in which they live and the power they have to bring about change.


We believe it is a basic human right to live a healthy life. Shine provides well-being 

services in Cambodia to address poor nutrition, the lack of access to clean water, poor dental and physical health, social problems both in the home and in the community and we give piece of mind and hope in a drastically changing landscape. 

In Melbourne, the act of giving is nourishing for the mind, body and spirit as young people cultivate kindness, compassion and empathy through their work with us. 


Shine believes in everyone having a voice. We are committed to listening to the needs of the Cambodian community we work with and providing the support that is required. Shine is a safe haven for those in need and a hub for community services. 

We give the youth in Melbourne a voice and a program to assist a community overseas but to impact the local communities they choose to work in now and in the future.


Through quality schooling children can reach higher levels of education, securing better paid employment in the future. When families see their children succeeding, they’re more likely to see the value in education and continue prioritizing it. Our long-term aim is to create leaders of tomorrow whereby young local community members deliver Shine’s programs: the beneficiaries become benefactors. Shine is developing the Australian youth program with the aim to create a social enterprise to fund the overseas project.


Shine believes that education is empowering; charity is disempowering. We believe in cultural sensitivity, in listening to people, seeking advice and ensuring our programs and services promote independence. Our work is about supporting people to live independent lives, providing opportunities and personal choices. 

Help the next generation Shine