We would like to send a big thank you to Sabrina, a very kind and wonderful young lady from Melbourne. And a big shout out to wish her a very special 18th birthday. 

Sabrina thoughtfully asked her family and friends to help her celebrate her 18th birthday by making a donation to Shine in lieu of presents. What a beautiful selfless act from someone so young. She raised an incredible $786. 

Sabrina has a personal connection to relieving the plight of children at Shine. She and her sibling could have been in a similar situation if it wasn’t for her parents’ brave decision to refuge to Australia from Cambodia just before she was born.  

Sabrina’s donation will go a long way to helping the children of Shine receive the proper education in Khmer and English they are so deserving of, to help break the wheel of poverty for themselves and their families. 
It will also help put a warm nutritious meal in the bellies of the 50 children on the daily lunch program. These are the kids who’s families just don’t have enough to go around. We all know how important nutrition is when it comes to study and how hard it is concentrate when you are hungry.

Thank you Sabrina and friends from the Children of Shine for your kindhearted and generous gift.