In April,  Shine Cambodia celebrated our 3 year anniversary. In this short amount of time, we have seen drastic change in the quality of living of the community of Otres.

The humble beginnings of Shine grew out of many texts and calls from previous volunteer (and current CEO) Suzanne Wright to teacher Piseth Sen Neary (headteacher), in response to Painting Smiles English School having closed down.

From this, sprouted a new vision: to create a holistic centre to offer a children in poverty a bright future.

To this day, that includes transport for students to and from school, midday meals, wellbeing support for the community, and vital education.

From bake sales run by our youth volunteers, to long-term strategies put in place by our staff, Shine Cambodia is transforming on multiple platforms.

In a short space of time Shine has grown from 20 students to now over 160!

Shine Founder and CEO Suzanne Wright says that Shine’s growth continues to reflect the passion and energy of those who are invested in Shine’s development and their loving and continued support.

“We are excited to launch our new three year strategy to 2021, building on the strong foundations we now have.

The future will be one where our beneficiaries have access to the education and support they need, empowering them to escape from the poverty cycle,” says Suzanne Wright.