Happy Khmer New Year! Khmer New Year (or Cambodian New Year) begins on Sunday 14thof April and ends on Tuesday the 16thof April. 

The holiday runs for three days and celebrates the traditional Lunar New Year, and signifies the end of the harvesting period. Farmers take this period to celebrate their harvests before the rainy season begins (bringing a new cycle). 

The major religion of Cambodia is Buddhism and they decide the celebration dates based on the Buddhist calendar. 

Each day of the celebration focuses on a different tradition. 

Day 1: ‘Maha Songkran’ is where Cambodians place fruit in front of their houses as an offering to the gods, bringing subsequent blessings to the family. 

Day 2: ‘Virak Vanabat’ is all about spending time with families, and giving presents to their elders. People also give food to the poor. 

Day 3: ‘Vearak Loeng Sak’ is spent at temples where families bring their parents and grandparents to be blessed by water from the monks. This is also a time for traditional dancing and games!

Information sourced from: https://pharecircus.org/khmer-new-year/