The primary language of Cambodia is Khmer, and roughly 16 million people speak it worldwide.

Whether you have some Cambodian friends you would like to chat to in their native language, or are planning to travel to Cambodia on a holiday here is a few useful phrases:

Chom Reap Sour (Chom-reap-sore): Hello (formal)

Susadei (Soos-a-day) – Hello (informal)

Soksaby (soks-a-bye) – How are you/I am fine

Chom Reap Lear (chom-reep-lear) – Goodbye (formal)

Lee-hi – Goodbye (informal)

Bah (bah) – Yes (masculine)

Jah(chaa) – Yes (feminine)

Ot The (ot-tei) – No

Arkun (ar-koon) – Thank you

Culture Trip have some more really useful phrases, particularly for tourists!