After a busy year of studying at school and volunteering for a growing and changing Shine, everybody was happy to take a break. However, Shine has to remain active during the summer holidays, demonstrated by a meeting between Suzanne and the youth volunteers who dedicate their time to the charity. Over coffee and cake – a multitude of topics were discussed concerning the past, present, and particularly the future of Shine. All who attended were engaged in thinking of new ideas and directions for Shine Cambodia to employ, in order to further our resources and ability to help those in need.

Although Cambodia is the overall target of our charity work, much of the conversation was also centered on Shine’s place in the local community. We’re ready to approach local businesses, in the hope that Shine may reach as many people as possible and we will inspire them to help.

What matters most is that there are certainly grand plans for Shine, and the flood of new support that student volunteers provide will undoubtedly ensure that the most can be made of such plans so that together, we may all achieve something special. This gathering was an excellent example of what the combined personnel at Shine can do together.

Thanks go to Suzanne for organising it. The muffins were particularly good.

Adam Molino, Year 10 Haileybury