Shine Cambodia would like to dedicate a quick thank you to Marianne Mattingly for her recent efforts in supporting the cause.
In what is truly quite an inspirational story, Marianne learnt about Shine and the work that is done in order to aid those less fortunate than ourselves. Feeling a need to help, she not only provided a generous donation on her own behalf, but also encouraged others to donate and spread the word through a bake sale held in Moffat Beach. Now more than ever willing to help, Marianne and her daughter then travelled to Cambodia so that they could see first-hand the problematic conditions in which local children and their families lived.

Again, Shine would like to thank Marianne for her goodwill and proactivity in assisting in the journey to break the poverty cycle found all too often in Cambodia. She is a fine example of a global citizen and her charitable work is certainly something to be proud of.

Written by Haileybury Student, Age 15