Narin attends school, along with two of his siblings, rain or shine. Unfortunately, Narin’s father was killed last year. This has left his extremely poor family in desperate need. Narin missed school for a few days and when he came, appeared very tired. He explained that his house was leaking so badly, that he had to pull a plastic sheet over his family to help them to sleep and to keep dry.


In response, Shine embarked on its first house repair. Short of funds, one of our longest serving volunteers, Stephen Sowten, kindly donated what was required to fully rebuild and move Narin’s home. Upon the first inspection, a renovation was possible. Once the layers were peeled back, it was evident that all of the materials were rotten and the full building needed replacing. Stephen, along with Piseth (our headteacher) worked with the building team (comprising of local people and family), to ensure that they were fed, that the materials were present and the project completed successfully.

Narin and his family now have a safe, dry home to last them many years to come.

N.B. Children’s names are changed in our stories.