Article written by Jamie Louise Morris of Hash Harriers.

“Such a fun afternoon dancing with the gorgeous students and teachers from ‘SHINE CAMBODIA’ on ‘Fun Friday,’ when the ‘Sihanoukville Hash House Harriers’ went for a visit. 

We were so pleased to be able to present our much appreciated and needed monthly donation from January. As a social group we collect $1 each person each week. It’s not a lot, much every bit helps and over the month it builds up.

It was so wonderful to see these under privileged rural children so happy to be at school and getting an education all thanks to Suzanne Wright and her supporting team.

Without Suzanne and everybody’s kind donations this education centre would collapse leaving these young children without the opportunity to get an education and more than likely end up working on the farms and on the streets collecting rubbish to get money to survive.

So please if you can make a one time donation or commit to just $10/mth you can really help to change the lives of these beautiful young souls. Please go to

Thank you for kind words Jamie and to the Hash Hound Harriers for your continued support.

Shine would like to thank Paul and Kerry Mulally who are wonderful members spreading the words, donating an amazing sum of earlier in the year.