We had such fun today! Our mission in class was to go find as many waste plastic bags as we could from around the the area and bring them back to the class room. There were so many different colours. The children were so excited to find as many as they could and when they returned, we set to work creating colourful artworks out of the discarded bags.

Julien Thomas, from Blue Sky Travel Production, taught the children about environmental awareness and using the gathered plastic bags, crafted beautiful flowers and kites to demonstrate what can be made from rubbish.

Here are some of the photo’s we captured showing how we can did it:





The flowers were exhibited at MetaHouse Cultural Centre in Phnom Pehn to raise awareness of Shine and similar types of projects. Also, visit the Pachamama Hostel in Otres Village where donations can be made in exchange for a flower.

For more information about Julien’s project across Asia visit his Facebook page http://www.bluesky-travel-production.com/project_tag/plastic-waste-flowers/